ESL Podcast ep. 1199 - Eating on the Run - in Japanese

1199 - Eating on the Run

No time for a good lunch? Try eating some bad food instead! We’ll show you how on this episode.


Sam: Wait a second. Is this all you’re having for lunch, this microwaved burrito?

Leticia: That’s all I have time for. It’s better than just eating it out of the package, right?

Sam: That does not look appetizing. I see indigestion in your future.

Leticia: It’s filling and that’s all I care about. I need to gulp down something before the meeting at 1:00.

Sam: Why don’t you brown bag it? Even if it’s something premade, you won’t have to rely on instant food.

Leticia: Who has the time to prepare a lunch? This burrito is actually more than I eat on most days. Normally, I munch on candy bars or bags of chips and forgo lunch altogether.

Sam: That’s not very healthy.

Leticia: No, but it keeps me going when I’m on the run on busy days like this. I have a stash in my desk. Do you want to take a look?

Sam: That collection makes fast food look like haute cuisine!


microwaved: something that is put into a microwaved oven 

eat something out of the package: to eat something without putting it on out a plate first, buy something in some sort of container

appetizing: it makes want to eat something

indigestion: pain or discomfort you feeling stomach after eat foot that isn't very good

filling: it makes you feel full and satisfied

to gulp: to drink something very quickly

brown bag: to prepare your own lunch at home and bring it with you

premade: it is already been prepared usually before buy it

to munch on: to eat small amount of something

to forgo: to decide not to do something that would normally do

altogether: completely or entirely

to be on the run: to be doing a lot of different things and going often different place in short amount of time

a stash: a collection of something that you are storing to use in the future

haute cuisine: high quality food, especially good French style food


It's better ~ then ~: ~より~の方が良い

Why don't you ~?: ~してはどうですか?