英会話頻出フレーズ:I'm sure

I'm sure もしくはその疑問文 Are you sure~? を使ったフレーズについてみていきます。

表現①:I'm sure (that) [関係詞] I'm sure it will be nice.

I'm sure it would be fun.
I'm sure everything is OK.
I'm sure something will change.
I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that. 彼はそれを聞いて喜ぶでしょう。
I'm sure I don't know. 私はほんとに知りません。
I'm sure that he'll fail.
I'm sure we can make it. I'll bet on it.
I'm sure he will carry out his promise.  彼はきっと約束を果たすよ。
I'm sure we'll make it all right.

I'm not sure I can do it. 私にできるかわからない。
I'm not sure I can afford it. 払えるかどうか分からないざます。

表現②:I'm sure about/of [名詞] ※sure about/ sure ofの使い分けの定義は明確にはないようです。こちらを参照ください。

I'm sure about his name.
"Well, I'm not sure about Kansas." 「うーん、カンザスかどうかはわからん。
I'm not sure about that. It depends. それはよく分かりません、場合によるでしょうね。

I'm sure of his returning home saf…

ESL Podcast ep. 1199 - Eating on the Run - in Japanese

1199 - Eating on the Run

No time for a good lunch? Try eating some bad food instead! We’ll show you how on this episode.


Sam: Wait a second. Is this all you’re having for lunch, this microwaved burrito?

Leticia: That’s all I have time for. It’s better than just eating it out of the package, right?

Sam: That does not look appetizing. I see indigestion in your future.

Leticia: It’s filling and that’s all I care about. I need to gulp down something before the meeting at 1:00.

Sam: Why don’t you brown bag it? Even if it’s something premade, you won’t have to rely on instant food.

Leticia: Who has the time to prepare a lunch? This burrito is actually more than I eat on most days. Normally, I munch on candy bars or bags of chips and forgo lunch altogether.

Sam: That’s not very healthy.

Leticia: No, but it keeps me going when I’m on the run on busy days like this. I have a stash in my desk. Do you want to take a look?

Sam: That collection makes fast food look like haute cuisine!


microwaved: something that is put into a microwaved oven 

eat something out of the package: to eat something without putting it on out a plate first, buy something in some sort of container

appetizing: it makes want to eat something

indigestion: pain or discomfort you feeling stomach after eat foot that isn't very good

filling: it makes you feel full and satisfied

to gulp: to drink something very quickly

brown bag: to prepare your own lunch at home and bring it with you

premade: it is already been prepared usually before buy it

to munch on: to eat small amount of something

to forgo: to decide not to do something that would normally do

altogether: completely or entirely

to be on the run: to be doing a lot of different things and going often different place in short amount of time

a stash: a collection of something that you are storing to use in the future

haute cuisine: high quality food, especially good French style food


It's better ~ then ~: ~より~の方が良い

Why don't you ~?: ~してはどうですか?