ESL Podcast ep. 1114 in Japanese

英語の勉強のためにESL (English as a Second Language) podcastの日本語訳を作ってみました。


1,114 - Forms of Government

Plutocracy is the rule of the rich. Find out about other forms of government in this episode.

Margaret: Okay, the teacher said that we should set up an ideal form of government for our imaginary country and then work out detailed plans for governance.

Tony: I think the simplest is a dictatorship. I’ll make all of the decisions. (一番シンプルなのは独裁政治だよ。全部俺が決めるよ。)

Margaret: You’re sounding like a fascist. This is supposed to be a partnership, remember?

Tony: Okay then, let’s make it a monarchy. I can be king and you can be queen.

Margaret: You’ll probably still make all of the decisions as king. Maybe we should consider an oligarchy. Your family and mine can rule equally.

Tony: That’s fine with me, but you’re the communist, or at least socialist. Don’t you think an oligarchy would be too elitist? I would think you would prefer a meritocracy of some sort.

Margaret: This isn’t about my personal politics. It’s about what’s best for our imaginary nation. How about a simple democracy?

Tony: There’s nothing simple about a democracy. How about no government at all?

Margaret: You mean anarchy?

Tony: Sure, that would be the simplest.

Margaret: Why do I get the feeling that you’re making suggestions based on the amount of work this assignment will take, rather than political considerations?

Tony: That’s because you’re very perceptive. I have a big weekend planned!