ESL Podcast ep. 1113 in Japanese

英語の勉強のためにESL (English as a Second Language) podcastの日本語訳を作ってみました。


1,113 - Having a Family Portrait Taken

Let’s get our picture taken for the family photograph that everyone will laugh at in 10 years.

Dad: Okay, everybody, take your places.

Mom: We’re in our places. Can’t the photographer just take the photo?

Dad: We have to pose. The whole point is to look natural.

Mom: If you wanted a natural family photo, why are we in a portrait studio in the middle of a sitting?

Dad: I want us to stand in front of a nice background and pose with nice props. I’m tired of looking at the photos that we take. They’re not very good and require hours of touching up or creative cropping.

Mom: Instead, we’re supposed to look natural wearing color-coordinated clothing and standing in unlikely poses.

Dad: Don’t be like that. Generations to come will cherish this family photo.

Mom: I doubt it.

Dad: How about if I ask the photographer to take some shots just of you?

Mom: You mean like the headshots Hollywood stars get?

Dad: Uh, sure, if that’s what you’d want.

Mom: Well, in that case, I’ll need to have my hair cut, get my make-up done, and buy a new outfit…

Dad: What have I gotten myself into?!