ESL Podcast ep. 1120 in Japanese

英語の勉強のためにESL (English as a Second Language) podcastの日本語訳を作ってみました。


1,120 - Breaching a Contract

If you sign a legal agreement, there are consequences for not doing what you promise. Find out more in this episode.

Sandra: I don’t know what to do. Our contractor installed the wrong equipment and now we’re having major problems. I’ve tried contacting her, but she’s dodging my calls. The trouble is I’ve already paid her in full.

Antonin: Well, that’s a breach of contract. Your only recourse might be to take her to court.

Sandra: I’d hate to do that. I’d rather settle this out of court.

Antonin: I don’t blame you, but if she’s hiding out or has washed her hands of this whole situation, suing her might be the only way to compel her to fix the problem.

Sandra: We’ve already suffered major damage as a result of her mistakes.

Antonin: Then that’s all the more reason to see your attorney. You’ll need to go to court to collect damages.

Sandra: Aren’t you an attorney? Couldn’t you help us?

Antonin: I’m a divorce attorney. I can only help you if you’re married to your contractor.